Inspirational Speakers

We all need role models in our lives that we can look to for inspiration, people who have been there, seen it and done it. People who themselves have worked hard for everything they have or had, people who have conquered their goals and then pushed on to achieve even more.

Inspirational role models come from many walks of life, from parents, siblings, teachers, friends, business leaders, an actor or pop star, athletes, people with disabilities who don’t use that as an excuse to stop them from achieving and even your postman who through rain, sleet and snow delivers the mail every day. Yes even the postman can be an inspiration in your life, if knowing them inspires you to do better every day in your own life.

At Bright Purple we have six Bright Futures Apprentices aged between 16 to 19 and who in 2012 set out on their first adventure in to the world of work. Of course it’s been frightening, sometimes confusing and often difficult for them to comprehend the bigger picture, because they have not had that exposure or opportunity to get involved and learn. However here at Bright Purple we are proving that providing the right level of motivation and inspirational support, anyone can achieve anything, yes even six young Scots with very basic education and no real work experience, yet they are making things happen.

To support our programme our CEO called in a few favours and asked a group of very senior, influential and as importantly, inspirational business people to help us to further inspire the apprentices, by sharing their stories of their lives and their business achievements. We didn’t need to ask twice, because these people understand the value of what Bright Purple are trying to do, they know that youngsters can achieve given the right tools to work with, the encouragement to work hard and so we are proud to see the list of people willing to help grow daily.

We will be sharing some of the experiences that our apprentices have with these great inspirers over the coming months, some of the on-going ideas that spin from bringing youth and experience together, with an open mind about ‘what might be.’

Our Bright Futures Apprentices will continue to grow and develop new skills daily and I am sure you’ll see some interesting writing on the experiences they have in the coming months on their blog, I would ask you to please follow them, tell people about them and let’s get youth inspired to take up the challenges that life will throw at them – Governments talk about problems, here at Bright Purple our apprentices are showing what can be done when action happens and not just words.

We are very proud of our apprentices, watch out world because they will go on to play their part in it, of that we are certain.


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