About the Bright Futures Programme

The Bright Futures Programme is run by specialist recruitment agency Bright Purple Resourcing.

What is the Bright Futures Programme all about?

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellenceConfucius, Chinese Philosopher

It’s fair to say that Confucius was a respected man in his time and this quote forms the back drop to the Bright Futures Programme. We are running the programme to unlock the potential inside six apprentices and giving them the opportunity of a life time to make something of themselves and to inspire others to do similar.

The programme aims to give much needed hands on work experience and personal development, to help our apprentices flourish and to help them see a future in employment and adding value to society. During their time in the programme they will work towards achieving an SVQ in Business Administration (Scottish Vocational Qualification) which will be delivered with our partners DGM Training Consultants Ltd. The placement programme will include a range of challenging UK and International based projects that are all aimed at giving them access to new skills and developing their knowledge of the business world, they will work alongside inspirational and dynamic mentors hand-picked from Bright Purple’s finest people. We intend to prove that the youth of today has a great deal to offer society if they are given their chance and this initial programme will run for six months. At the end of the placement we hope to offer two of our apprentices a full-time role within Bright Purple and then invest to develop their careers even further. Who knows we might find six Bright Purple People among our apprentices?

Bright Purple is a fast growing International business and to keep growing it is going to need to keep developing talent, its own talent, Bright Purple People. We hope to find hungry talent, with the passion to learn and a desire to succeed and we believe that in these apprentices, we already have!

What’s the background, why a Bright Futures Programme?

I was an original NEET in 1977, I got a job sweeping floors and I was transformed – Nick Price, CEO Bright Purple

There is plenty of talent out in the world crying out for an opportunity to get started in life, but we often hear if you don’t have an education then it’s going to be tough and yet there are many who have studied hard with great universities and even with a great education, still don’t have the career they desired.

Nick Price, Bright Purple’s CEO was one young man who decided he wasn’t cut out for school or university; he wasn’t actually sure what he wanted to do and so he found himself lost as a 16 year old, without direction. Then he got a job initially sweeping floors in a factory and it transformed his thinking, he was going to be the best floor sweeper his employers had ever had. He stayed with his firm for 10 years and ended up running a large part of the production management and today he runs the multi-million pound UK and International recruiting specialists Bright Purple Resourcing, with its offices in Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Vilnius.

The company needs talent to grow its offering on a global scale, but finding the right talent make-up isn’t easy. Young people who are hungry, passionate, understand value add and with a desire to be number one might seem like obvious things we think we all have inside us, but it’s not in everyone. So Nick decided to trial the Bright Futures Programme to see if there are others like Nick out there, looking for their start just as he was in 1977.

Nick believes that there are many more youngsters today, who are in the exact same situation he found himself in when he was 16, who could eventually end up running Bright Purple or any other company if they are given their chance.  This would be achievable if these youths are properly mentored by inspirational people, allowing them the opportunity to find their confidence and the space to cut free to explore and use their imagination, while harnessing their natural enthusiasm. Then focus them on a task and watch them go!

Pay attention to the young and make them as good as possible. – Socrates, classical Greek philosopher

Our goal is to find future Bright Purple stars through the Bright Futures Programme and to give them the opportunity to become someone who contributes back to the society we live in. We have set up this blog so you can follow first-hand the journey that our apprentices are taking and the life changing experiences they will have on the programme. We hope it will inspire you if you are one of the young people looking for your start in life, keep trying because your turn will come soon. If you are already on the success ladder in your career, take time to think that there are many young people counting on you to give them their chance to change so don’t forget them, remember you were young once.


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