The Hampden ROAR!!!!

(Deonne Budge & Lewis O’Connor  – Apprentices, Bright Futures Programme)

Deonne, along with Lewis and Marielle traded their daily business uniforms for some fine Football Aid tracksuits, as we were given the once in a life time opportunity to help out with an event at Hampden Park, the home of Scotland’s International Football team in Glasgow. The chance to visit such a prestigious stadium and be a part of the great event, which was only made possible after the Bright Futures Apprentices were given the chance to meet with Craig Paterson, the CEO of Football Aid.

Football Aid has been inspiring people since 2001, allowing fans to buy a jersey and play on the field of their dreams, with the money going to many fantastic causes since that first day. The football games have taken place in the UK Club, European and at the home of some of the National teams – it truly is unique and definitely inspirational. All thanks to Craig Paterson, a Scottish businessman with a big heart and a dream to help those less fortunate.

Craig Paterson’s kindness and generosity offered Marielle and Deonne a chance to visit the ground and help out with such a fantastic occasion, but even more it allowed Lewis the opportunity to for fill one of his boyhood dreams. To run down the Hampden tunnel out on to the pitch which was in tip top condition, imagining the 52,000 strong roar as he entered the arena.

We have had more than our fair share of standing in long queues waiting to catch a glimpse of Hampden pitch, but on the 28th of May we were all given a back stage pass to go behind the scene and explore the stadium with our own eyes. Firstly we separated and visited both the home and away dressing rooms, where we set out and prepared the kit for all the players. Insuring all the necessary preparation was achieved well before the player’s arrival. We then continued to help and support the Football Aid staff with arranging the Millennium Suite. This offered a breath taking view and would provide a great area for family members to enjoy the success of the occasion later.

The event was kicked off with 15 pipers marching down the tunnel on to the pitch to the tune of the Scottish National Anthem. It made hairs on your neck stand up and we could only imagine how the players must have felt. There was a further touch of class added to the event by the appearance of footballing legends and ex-Scotland Internationals, in the shape of John Collins and Pat Nevin. The match was filled with goals, funny moments and penalty saves.

The Football Aid event was yet again a huge success, all involved enjoyed the night. We greatly appreciated the chance to help out the fantastic Football Aid team, with their precise preparation and would be more than happy to attend another event.

We can’t thank Craig Paterson, David Dale and the rest of their team for all their support and help. We truly believe what they are doing is fantastic and offers something completely unique and life changing. They don’t just inspire ordinary people by letting them buy a jersey to play in a team of their dreams, but they have also just recently taken on two students Eilidh and Rory for an internship, what an opportunity!

Nick Price, Bright Purple’s CEO commented, “I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing Craig for a number of years. He is one of the business world’s nice guys, always there for others who value his input or direction and has given much to his dream, Football Aid. The organisation is making a huge difference and helping to change lives of those who need help most and Bright Purple were proud to have been able to share some of their apprentices and allow them to experience this great day. I have been fortunate to have lived the dream through FootballAid playing at twice for a Celtic home side at Celtic Park and also in 2010 at Goodison Park, the home of Everton playing for the home side against a Liverpool side and I know those memories live long with me. OK I could have been fitter, but I loved every minute of it and I have lived the dream.”

Football Aid website:


The countdown is on – the competition and weather is heating up!!

(Becki Munro– Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

Another glorious sunny Monday morning in the Bright Purple office and myself and the other apprentices all have one thing on our minds – the countdown is on!! In just four days’ time, all of the apprentices will be told their fate, as to whether or not if they have secured a position at Bright Purple. The pressure has been intensified with the scorching weather that Britain has had over the weekend.

Marielle will be making the final decision with the help of Caroline and Monica from DGM Training who have been helping us achieve our SVQ in Business Administration since the very beginning of the programme. Our CEO Nick Price will also help Marielle with the tough decision that has to be made.

On Friday, we will all have a 30 minute session in the academy with Marielle, Caroline and Monica on why we deserve a place within Bright Purple. We were given a list of possible questions on what we may be asked so over the weekend, I had a look over them – while I was outside sunbathing (I can safely say I am burnt)!!

Myself and the other apprentices have done some amazing projects in our time here so when we are answering the questions we can relate back to the questions and why we are a Bright Purple person we can relate to some of the things while we have been here. I have done numerous projects which have all be amazing, I was sole editor of the BPAN – Bright Purple Apprentice News, I have done Evolve projects and more recently, I have been acting as a support function to resourcers. Each project has had an impact on what I have done while I have been here – doing the newsletter for example allowed me to show my creative, artistic side whereas doing Evolve projects have shown great attention to detail and I understand the importance of confidentiality.

No matter what the outcome may be on Friday I will always be grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Not enough companies in Edinburgh are giving young people like myself and the other apprentices enough opportunities, unlike Bright Purple through Nick or Marielle. What we have learnt in the last five months has been mind blowing and some of the opportunities have been once in a life time!

However, my nerves are kicking in and the anticipation is building…

Dad brought his daughter to work – she enjoyed it!

Freja Price (the CEO’s daughter)

I’m Freja Price, I’m 13 years old and I am a student at the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh

On the 18th May I was lucky enough to join my dad at Bright Purple Resourcing for ‘Bring your daughter to work day’ which is a scheme aimed at getting young people out to work for a day in a business and see what goes on.

My best friend Caitlin Cameron joined me for the day and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the office and it taught us a lot of stuff, like what recruitment actually is, and how you can start at the bottom and come out on top!

We were really inspired by the Bright Futures Apprentices’ and their stories and it just shows you that you can think you’re going nowhere in the future because you are not academic, but with hard work and dedication, you can end up on top! I know I am lucky to go to the Mary Erskine School and when I met Deonne, Lewis and the other apprentices I was happy to see that they were such ambitious young people. It was also so kind of Marielle, who runs the Bright Futures Programme and all of her apprentices to give up their day to work with us, as we could see how busy everyone is!

We also got the chance to put what inspires us up on the inspiration wall the team have in the Thinkubator and what we are working towards in the future, and while Zack Efron is a convincing choice, another thing for me is to perform at Wembley Stadium (definitely a Freja choice).

My dad arranged for Caitlin and I to hold a Skype conference call with the Bright Purple office in Vilnius in Lithuania and we interviewed Jurga Gedmine who was lovely to us.

Jurga is one of the senior team and while it was nerve racking, it was also interesting, fun and exciting. She was so nice and friendly and it was our first Skype business conference call – we are only 13 after all!

We also learned that contact with clients plays a big part in the business and that you need to work well with people, to be able to run a successful business. We got to shadow the apprentices, and see how things really work in the office, and it’s not a boring office with files as we thought it was, it’s exciting and you meet a lot of people and like with my dad, you get to travel a lot to places you’ve never seen!  We also learned a lot about presentation skills, a lot of it we had never even thought about and it will be useful when we present at school in the future.

Caitlin and I were even so lucky to be able to hit the famous Bright Purple sales gong! We are now both considering recruitment as a job when we are older and even though we are only 13 we have high hopes to become Bright Purple People!

Again we’d like to thank everyone in the company who helped make the day as fun and exciting as it was! Lots of love, Freja xoxo

Caitlin Cameron also sent this message:

“At Bright Purple we tried many things. One of them being shadowing and listening to the apprentices! I was paired to shadow Sarah Dougal who was a lovely and a chatty girl. I learnt all about open and closed questions and what sort of things you need to be able to do to be a successful resourcer.

When listening to the speeches from the apprentices we learnt that we have a good chance but that if you are unsure of what to do in the future that you should give everything a shot, just like the apprentices did before they ended up at Bright Purple. I learnt all about how to inspire myself and about working with people and about resourcing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bright Purple and thought the atmosphere was very calm, even though there was so much going on! I would like to thank Nick, Marielle and all of the apprentices for making it such a great day and it wouldn’t have been the same without everyone that helped us.”

Apprenticeships through our eyes

(Deonne Budge & Lewis O’Connor  – Apprentices, Bright Futures Programme)

This week has been a time of reflection and a sense of great accomplishment. Due to it being National apprentice week, we as apprentices have been on the lookout reading about some other apprentice schemes that are currently running. We have come across many apprenticeships, but very few which offer the same level of support and exposure to the working world. We feel there should be a lot more programmes running in the same manner as the one we are currently involved in.

We have had the privilege of meeting some extremely well recognised, exceptional people such as Jennifer Cheyne (Founder of Cheynes Hairdressers), Margaret Hassall (International CIO Corporate Commercial and Investment Banking at Bank of America), Chris Van Der Kuyl (Founder of Bright Solid) and Craig Paterson (Founder of Football Aid). All of these inspiring people took the time to come along and meet us.

As part of the programme we are working towards achieving an SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification) in Business Administration. The placement programme includes a range of challenging UK and International based projects that are all aimed at giving me access to new skills and developing my knowledge of the business world.

Deonne read with interest the recent news that a major summit is to be staged by the Holyrood finance committee and that Arnold Clark has submitted a report in advance setting out the company’s concerns in relation to apprentices.

Deonne left school when she was 15 years old and worked hard to secure a full time job working in a hairdresser. She was only paid £2 per hour and worked 40 hours or more a week. When Deonne was 17 she had to move out of home and worked 3 jobs to pay her rent. Deonne was working 18 hour days; in a hairdresser, sandwich shop and handing out flyers just to get by. When she first started at Bright Purple she felt she was definitely one of the more challenging individuals. Deonne has always been a confident, chatty and outgoing person but had no awareness of how to be professional or how to conduct herself in a business environment. Being at Bright Purple Deonne has been able to attend communication, networking and business skills workshops and in just 4 months she has turned into a young professional businesswoman.

There is six taking part in the apprenticeship programme at Bright Purple.  Our colleague Sarah Dougal was 17 when she started the programme and had no work experience. She came directly from school into the apprenticeship programme. Sarah went from 18 hours in the classroom each week to 37.5 hours a week at work. Sarah also works late most nights as she is extremely dedicated to the programme and has a passion to succeed.

Lewis previously took part in an apprenticeship where he worked in a property letting agency as a junior accountant. It was his first taste of working in a professional environment and due to the lack of Lewis’ experience he found it difficult to adapt and succeed during his time there. He felt extremely isolated and was offered no real support. Lewis found himself away from his desk the majority of the time and on several occasions, down in the basement suited and booted moving around broken down desks and chairs. He left his post feeling hugely undervalued and with no confidence. This is yet another example of organisations who are taking advantage of the young people in Scotland and also just ticking off boxes on their own agenda.

The Bright Futures Programme has been a great success to all involved. All the apprentice’s professionalism in a business environment has been completely turned around. We have not only found employment that we truly enjoy and skills and experience that we couldn’t have gained anywhere else. We will carry them throughout our successful careers.

We believe Bright Purple is leading the way in producing an exceptional apprenticeship programme that will continue to help young people flourish in the business world. We as apprentices with both good and bad experience in the working world think that many more organizations should be looking at Bright Purple as a perfect example to what apprenticeships should consist of.

It’s never the end, only another beginning

(Sarah Dougal – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

It’s not often that people are given life changing or at least once in a life time opportunities. Therefore, I can honestly say I feel beyond lucky and forever grateful at the chance Bright Purple has given to me. For almost five months I have been an Apprentice at Bright Purple Resourcing, as part of their Bright Futures programme, which has been the most inspiring and life altering experience of my life so far and I know I will never be given an opportunity like it again.

Before I came to Bright Purple I was a young, unconfident school girl who had no idea of the greater world or of the things I could achieve. I am now, full of confidence, ambitious, success hungry and have dreams of being an entrepreneur, which I would have never have thought I could or wanted to achieve if it wasn’t for Bright Purple. I have been transformed and improved as a person in more ways than I could ever dream of. They have not only improved me in ways which have allowed me to succeed in a working environment, but also in social aspects of my life. I was extremely unconfident, had no belief in myself and therefore was unhappy and struggled in specific situations in life out and inside of school. I over thought things constantly and things which challenged me, I wouldn’t have attempted. Now, I am unrecognisable compared to the girl that I was. I take everything in my stride, ooze confidence in situations I would have panicked in before, strive for a challenge and preform and succeed under pressure. For this I have each and every person at Bright to thank, especially our CEO Nick Price, who has allowed me to have this amazing opportunity and mind blowing experience. He took a risk and saw the sparkle of a Bright Purple Person in my fellow apprentices and I, as did Marielle Tweedie, who is Head of the Bright Futures programme and must be picked out for special thanks, because she has been a rock for myself and the other 5 apprentices throughout our journey at Bright Purple.

Marielle I feel is incredible and is the main reason that I’m the person I am today.  Her passion and determination is contagious and she has never stopped believing in the amount which I can achieve. She has been behind us every step of the way and the support she has given us is indescribable.

D-Day is quickly approaching and the pressure is most definitely on. I know I’m a Bright Purple person and that here is the place where I can reach my potential, as already it has moulded me into the ambitious and success hungry person that I am today. Not many people can say they look forward to going to work in the morning, but I most definitely can. I improve and learn something new each day and look forward to what each day will bring. However, the experience we have gained and the unforgettable opportunities which we have been given have transformed each and every one of us into eager and determined business people. We have had speaker sessions with spectacular entrepreneurs such as Craig Patterson, Jennifer Cheyne, Neil Francis, Andrew Muirhead and many more. We were given the chance to go see inspirational people speak such as Nobel Peace prize winner, Professor Muhamad Yunus. We have all attended a range of networking events and I myself was given the chance to present at a Holyrood Apprenticeship Event in front of around 100 politicians and key Speakers. I ask you, what 18-19 year olds can say they have had these incredible experiences? Therefore for those who aren’t kept on they will already be leaps ahead of others our age so, it won’t be the end but only the beginning.

During my time here at Bright Purple I could not have asked to of spent it with better people. Not only the fantastic staff at Bright Purple who would all bend over backwards to help anyone who needed it, but also my fellow apprentices. At the beginning of our experience we were all put together and perhaps personalities clashed. But now, we have all come together and are closer than ever. We support and help one another through each and every experience and if there is a hurdle one of us can’t get over, the rest will help them over. I can honestly say that when we go our separate ways I will miss each and every one of them and wish them all the success in the world because, they deserve it. Whether it’s at Bright Purple or elsewhere, I know they all can and will make it. So Lewis, Becki, Craig, Tom and Deonne, we can do it!!

Thank you Bright Purple for a chance of a life time.

“Bring your daughter to work Day” – The Bright Purple Experience

(Deonne Budge – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

On Friday 18th of May I was sitting at my desk when Marielle the Head of the Bright Futures programme said to me that I was given the opportunity to spend the day with two lovely 12 year old girls Freja Price and Caitlin Cameron, both students at the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh. They were both here in Bright Purple doing work experience under the banner of “Bring your daughter to work day” and Freja is our CEO’s daughter and Caitlin is one of Freja’s close friends.  Therefore I was honoured to get the chance to share what I have learned so far in the 5 months I have spent here at Bright Purple with them.

To start the day off with the girls, Marielle and I thought it would be good to do some of the exercises that all the apprentices had carried out when we first started. We started off by getting to know Freja and Catlin, so one of the exercises we did was to gather a few interesting facts about them. I found out that Catlin has 4 guinea pigs and Freja has been in over 70 performances of professional shows at the Edinburgh Playhouse, like Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.  I was beginning to think that they could teach me a few things.

After getting to know Catlin and Freja we then went on to discuss what a recruitment agency does and how Bright Purple works. They had lots of questions and were really keen to find know what we do. After taking in all the information they then got the chance to speak to one of our senior consultants Chris Murphy, who explained what is his role in Bright Purple. We thought this would be good for the girls, as this was something that we had to do when we first started at Bright Purple and Chris was able to give the girls some good advice that may help when starting work in the not too distant future.

Earlier in the week my fellow apprentice Sarah Dougal and I had presented a “Lunch and Learn” session to all the Bright Purple staff. The topic was “How well can you present”? This was very successful and we got really good feedback from all the Bright Purple people, so I thought it would be a good idea to deliver this to the girls. I then found out that they had to deliver a presentation at school on their time here at Bright Purple, so this was really good for them to get some hints and tips. Also this will be relevant for them to keep this knowledge on presenting for their future career’s or even further projects in school.

All the apprentices had the chance to discuss with the girls what our back ground was before coming to Bright Purple, just to tell them about our work back ground and school. This presentation was similar to those we deliver to guests that come to visit the apprentices at Bright Purple. I can say that working with Catlin and Freja for the day was just a delight and I have never met such young people who are so interested in the business world and even interested in the six apprentices. I can say that I 100% believe that no matter what the girls choose to do for their future careers, they will do fantastically well.

I am also working on a project to get a few young people from a Citadel Youth Centre to come into Bright Purple and get some help with their future. Catlin and Freja had given me some fantastic ideas on what they thought we could do with the young people that come to visit Bright Purple.

Anyone who gets the chance to work with Catlin and Freja in the future will be very lucky and they impressed us so much that we thought they deserved to bang the sales gong for their first time in Bright Purple. As some of you may now know from following our blog at Bright Purple we celebrate success with the sound of the gong! Our sales people celebrate new deals with it and the Apprentice of the Week, is also recognised weekly by smashing the gong for all of the hard work that they put in that particular week. We have attached a small video of Catlin and Freja ‘Gonging’ for the first time and we all just want to wish them all the best in their later school years and for their futures in the world of business.

Nick Price, Bright Purple’s CEO commented, “I was so proud of Deonne, Marielle and all of our apprentices and staff at the firm, because they made it a very special day for Freja and Caitlin and I’d like to thank them all for doing this so professionally. It must be quite daunting for two 12 years old to turn up and try to fit in to a busy firm in one day and make any kind of contribution, which was the important factor – learning and contributing. My apprentices are special people and I have said it openly many times, how inspired I am by the attitude the 6 have shown to taking on a new challenge and kick starting their lives. Therefore Freja and Caitlin were lucky to have been given their time for a day and I know from listening to them speaking after the experience that they really did appreciate it! In fact they never stopped talking all weekend about the fun and the lessons learnt over the day, so I am sure they will have a great presentation to give at school when the time comes. Opening the eyes of young people like these to business and how it works is an essential experience and it’s a pity we can’t do it for more kids to open their eyes to what the future holds for them.”

The future’s bright and the future is definitely purple

(Marielle Tweedie – Head of Bright Futures Programme)

In Star Wars, Yoda tells us “the force is strong in you my young Jedi” and here at Bright Purple on our apprenticeship programme the force is strong in all our young people.

Today marks the start of National Apprenticeship Week when apprentices and employers across the UK celebrate the importance of offering young people opportunities in the work environment. With this celebration taking place and over 500 events planned up and down the country, what better a time than to talk about the success of our Bright Purple apprentices and the programme?

I would like to start by taking you back to Day 1 when Sarah, Lewis, Tom, Becki, Deonne, and Craig started with us. I remember walking into the Academy and thinking I had bitten off more than I could chew by agreeing to run the programme.  The 6 young people who sat in front of me were extremely quiet and when some of them did speak, it was a stream of conversation at 100 miles an hour that was more suitable for the pub on a Saturday night at kicking out time, rather than for an office environment. When I did ask them to take part in the projects I had planned out so meticulously they told me “they couldn’t do it”.  After three weeks I sat down on a Friday night looking at the timetable I had spent hours drafting for them and came to the conclusion that there would be no more “I can’t do this” on the programme. From that day forward I was going to challenge them, stop spoon feeding them and holding their hand on every task and get them to stand on their own two feet. That Friday was like a revelation for me.  After adopting the “tough love” stance things started to change. At first it was small things, like they took on board what I was saying about first impressions in the business environment by giving out firm handshakes and holding their heads high when they walked around the office. The “shouldnaes”, “likes”, “didnaes”, “hadnaes”, “couldnaes”, “buts” and colloquial language started to disappear. The biggest change however was in the apprentices’ confidence. By encouraging them to do the projects and adopting the new Dr Pepper motto of “how can you say you can’t do something if you don’t try it”, it opened up a new world of opportunities to the apprentices. I realised at that stage that it wasn’t just the scruffy hairstyles that had disappeared, the issues holding the apprentice back were finally gone.

I was also keen for them to adopt an entrepreneurial approach so asked them to come up with ideas to improve Bright Purple and make their mark on the business. By fuelling their creativity, encouraging them to face new challenges, not underestimating what they could achieve and fuelling their confidence I discovered this was a winning combination in terms of delivering successful business results.

The last few weeks I feel have really been the most rewarding on the programme because as a team we have been able to show senior management in the company that the programme is bringing real value to the business.  The apprentices have started resourcing for live roles and to date we have now had 3  deals within the apprentice team between Lewis and Craig. In just 2 months collective resourcing this is an amazing achievement.  Sarah has also secured 3 interviews in just one weeks resourcing – which is a Bright Purple record. In total the apprentices have secured 27 interviews. This is where the value of running the programme really comes in. It has been like a shock wave across the sales floor. Our experienced recruiters and resourcers are looking over at these young people who are propelling themselves up the ranks and thinking to themselves that they had better pull their socks up. There have been nights I have left the office at 8pm and the apprentices are the only people still at their desks working. They are extremely dedicated and loyal to Bright Purple and because we have given them such great opportunities- such as meeting Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Mohammed Yunus they have told me they would like to repay our faith and belief in them.

On Friday I really saw how far they have come. Freya (Nick’s daughter) and her friend Caitlin came in on work experience and Deonne planned an interesting and jam packed day of events for them. The other apprentices also helped the girls and it was extremely interesting to watch as the programme had in essence gone full circle. Bright Purple had helped the apprentices and now they were helping their peers. The apprentices passed on the information they have learned in relation to recruitment, how to qualify candidates, how to present, what makes a good recruiter and sales techniques. For me, it was a really great thing to see. The apprentices are also taking part in a session with young people from the Citadel Youth Centre in Edinburgh soon. This will include things like a cv workshop, how recruitment works, tips and hints for navigating the employment market and the importance of first impressions. It will be designed and delivered by the apprentices to other young people and again I think this shows how far they have come and the positive impact they are having not only at Bright Purple but in the wider community.

Personally, running the programme has been a real learning curve for me and I feel it is not only the apprentices who have grown as individuals. For the first time, I have been given the opportunity to essentially head up a team of 6 people and it has helped me develop my relationship management and team skills. The apprenticeship programme has helped me as I have personally developed as a business person and have also had to face challenges over the 4 months.

The highlight for me has been the support and help that I have had from external companies and business individuals. Our speaker sessions have been invaluable and I am extremely grateful to the business leaders and people who have taken the time to meet the apprentices and share their advice with them.

In particular I would like to say a special thanks to Gordon Dow, the founder of the Power Lunch Club. He has worked religiously to help our apprentices through inviting them to the Power Lunch Club Sessions, highlighting the programme to business people and securing press and media coverage for the apprentices.  I am so grateful to have someone like Gordon to help us as he is so passionate about helping the young people and he has been a “Bright Purple Apprenticeship Knight” and a true crusader for helping the apprentices to grow through the opportunities he has invited them to. The apprentices email and speak to Gordon on a weekly basis and I think the greatest thanks that we can give Gordon is that they now see him as a friend.

Having Monica and Caroline from DGM Training onboard with the programme has been excellent. They have not only worked extremely hard with the apprentices and contributed massively to the positive change in them but have also acted as mentors for me. When I have needed a second opinion or guidance I have asked these wonderful ladies for help. They have not only helped me with the day to day running of the programme but have also offered me support with the challenges along the way.  With apprenticeships being a hot topic, there are numerous training providers out there on the market. However, what sets DGM out from the rest of them is their commitment to young people. They don’t see the apprentices as statistics or an opportunity to hit their training quota, they take the time to understand the young people and also Bright Purple as a business. They are constantly in touch with me and the apprentices and have been a fantastic and exceptionally professional team. For the hard work that they have put into the programme and the personal help they have given me I am truly grateful.

And what does the future entail for our apprentices and the programme? The 1st June will be the biggest challenge I face in terms of being the head of the apprenticeship scheme here at Bright Purple. This is the date that I must decide the fate of who will stay with us and be offered full time sales roles and who will move on to pastures new. Already some of the apprentices have come forward to say that their career aspirations lie outside of sales and DGM will begin working with them to help them secure a role outside of Bright Purple. Even for the young people who leave us at the end of June they have still had an invaluable platform and springboard into the business world and employment market through taking part in the programme.

Neil Francis visited the apprentices last week and something he said has stuck with me. Neil told the apprentices to finish the programme with their heads held high and give 110% in effort until the final day, regardless of what the future holds after the end of June. This is something both they and I will be doing – the last couple of days on the programme will be filled with enthusiasm and will be a celebration, we are also having an Apprentice Graduation to celebrate their success. No matter who stays with us and who goes I will never forget the “famous 6” and the time I have spent with them.