Take a chance – Dream big

(Deonne Budge – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

Here at Bright Purple Resourcing in Edinburgh Nick Price CEO of Bright Purple gave 6 young apprentices the chance to gain experience in the recruitment world. We have been at Bright Purple for 3 months now and have just been given the chance to do our Resource training. We have had so many great opportunities in Bright Purple; if you have had a chance to read our blog you would know that we have met exceptional people such as Jennifer Cheyne, Craig Paterson, Hera Hussain, Andrew Muirhead, Della Martin, Belinda J Roberts, Robert Campbell, Margaret Hassall and Professor Muhammad Yunus. We have had the opportunity to hear about their life experiences and what they have achieved in their career. Each of them gave us great advice that we can put into practice during our apprenticeship with Bright Purple, and advice that will stay with us through the rest of our careers.

Having been given these opportunities I thought to myself how can I say thank you to Nick. One day Nick had mentioned that David Cameron went to visit CR Smith’s Apprenticeship Scheme and I thought why them and not us. So far I have contacted a few people that Nick has kindly introduced me to, and I have managed to get one step closer to getting David Cameron into Bright Purple. I would love to meet the Prime Minister to show him that even though youth unemployment is high in the UK; young people with very little education can do well if given the opportunity.

It has been great to be told about how much we, the apprentices have changed and developed over the last 3 months. I can say that I had a lot to change in myself but I can thankfully say that Marielle, Head of the Futures programme, has given me the chance to grow even more and now to speak to our candidates and then to be trusted to take care of the candidates’ job applications.

If I, an 18 year old apprentice from Edinburgh who came from school with no qualifications and never thought I would ever amount to anything, can be someone then of course so can you. Nick has given us the chance to express our thoughts and also help us achieve what we want in life, which is why I want David Cameron to visit Bright Purple to prove to him you don’t need to be well educated, experienced or wealthy to dream big and do things no other 18 year old would.

All you have to do is be given a chance – so if you are reading this and think you can help me get to Mr Cameron then I’d appreciate your help. Make Cameron Purple is now my goal.


Home Grown Talent

(Lewis O’Connor – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

It has to be the most talked about issue in the papers, on the news, by the Government and those in senior positions with the authority to make a difference. Youth unemployment, highlighted by so many over and over again. Yet that’s all it ever seems to come to, cheap talk.

I have first-hand experience and fully understand both the difficulties and frustrations which are faced everyday by thousands of young people out of work.  Time and time again you are pushed away from companies and other organisations due to your lack of experience.

I like to compare both local and global organisations to Football Clubs. Long gone are the days when the local lad made his way through the academy learning his trade in the world and becoming ingrained into the First team. Football Clubs are not prepared to wait and nurture their own players but instead they would rather pay and bring in a foreign player with a proven track record. They are looking for success now!

In the current economic position we find ourselves in today it is the case that most companies are looking for a quick fix, whether that be to gain an advantage over competitors or in fact keep up with the competition. This sadly results in home grown talent being over looked and forgotten about.

There is by no means enough being done to help reverse this trend of youth unemployment. Companies across the country must take some responsibility and action. There are very few quality apprenticeship’s available, which is a direct result of the shocking figures of young people out of work. More often than not there are schemes put in place by either the government or both small and large companies who at times could be excused of exploiting the youngsters, or even described as Slave Labour.

I have had first-hand experience of being treated as a minor in the work place, were I wasn’t thought of as an equal member of the team but in fact largely unappreciated and found myself doing chores which included being stuck down the basement moving around broken down tables and chairs whilst suited and booted. I left my position feeling extremely demoralised, lacking a lot in the way of confidence and with no real motivation.

I am now part of the Bright Futures Programme, were support is limitless and I am always encouraged to think outside the box and have a real input into the business.  I am filled with confidence, I have a completely new look on what I can achieve and my motivation to do well is rivalled with that of my self-belief to become an Exceptional person.

The only way is up

(Sarah Dougal – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

Last week my fellow apprentices and I began our resourcing training to transform us from ordinary apprentices into top quality resourcing apprentices!

The training sessions were taken by Marielle which I was thoroughly looking forward to and most definitely benefited from, as it has filled me with essential information about recruitment and has equipped me with many new skills.

It was our time to knuckle down and take in as much information as possible as moving into resourcing is a huge leap for us. It was important we were fully prepared and equipped for the challenge ahead. After our resourcing training we were then given the task of practicing our sourcing and telephone skills, to make sure they were polished, professional and to the Bright Purple standard.

This week Thomas and I were informed that we would be resourcing roles for a major UK client, helping our London team to source candidates with the relevant skills. I had no worries about the task at hand as I felt I was fully prepared and ready. The wheels have now been set in motion and we have each been given a role to work on for client. I was given an Applications Packager role to source for and so far I’m loving every minute. I have found many great and skilled candidates and I feel that I have definitely nailed the sourcing side of recruitment. I do understand that in recruitment, it’s not always smiles and that the environment is like a rollercoaster but I’m ready to experience it.

For me, if things begin to get tough and not go the way that I would like, it pushes me even further. I am an extremely driven and success hungry person therefore I feel the sales environment is perfect for me as it brings my competitive side out and I am always pushed to perform at the best of my ability.

I am now 110% sure that recruitment is for me and I am almost certain that I will be confirming interviews, placing candidates and ringing the gong in no time, as I will not settle until I do!

It’s now or never!

(Becki Munro– Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

Last week I was told it would be the last ever edition on BPAN – Bright Purple Apprentice News, because myself and the other apprentices have been given the chance to become full time resourcers, which is very exciting prospect to me. I have been sole editor of BPAN for quite some time now and it’s been by far one of my favourite projects. It allowed me to have the final say on how it would be sent out to our internal Wiki.

Marielle told me and the other apprentices that we would be a support function to the resourcing team, helping to source ideal candidates for live roles. This will give us all the chance to contact candidates and keep them updated on relevant roles.

We were given our resourcers training which covered various subjects such as ‘taking a complete job brief’ – this was to ensure we knew what information we needed and the basic skills required to get good results.

‘Making a recruitment plan’ was also part of the training.  This detailed how we would write up our brief, make an action plan and plot activity milestones. This included various interactive videos broken down into specific chapters that we had to work through. The training that Marielle did with us was also beneficial as she has been resourcing for quite some time and it was great to have her share her inside tips and experience.

 However, when it came to be phoning candidates I am still a bit apprehensive about it. I was worrying about it so much that I was having heart palpitations and my hands started to sweat, which surprised me as I thought I would be ready after all the training!  I have tried mock calls with Emma who deliberately made it hard for me, questioning what I was saying; this was to show me how it may be with a real candidate. It was a lot harder than I first thought.

I’m still not 100% confident so I haven’t made my first live call yet. I worry that I could make a mistake on the phone, get myself into a situation that I can’t get out of and obviously we at Bright Purple are keen to protect our brand name as being exceptional, so I don’t want to damage that. This week I will be shadowing various resourcers including Emma, so I can listen to how they speak to candidates and get an idea of the kind of questions they get asked.

I look forward to more resource training and building my confidence on the phones. I have received so much support that I want to repay the favour by making my first candidate phone call successfully!

International Resourcing

(Craig Lamb – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

Just recently I have gone into unknown territory; I am now sitting in the International Recruitment department alongside Daniel Campbell. In the short time I have been at Bright Purple, I am starting to feel like I can be of great use to the company.

I have made a few candidate calls, which at first was as nerve racking as day one at Bright Purple. On my first phone call, it was short and sweet, but after some constructive feedback from Daniel, it gave me the confidence and belief that I could go on and make many successful calls. Two weeks in, I have come a long way since my first call, I am a lot more confident, but I know I have a lot more to learn.

Being surrounded by the likes of Neil Lafferty, Mike Leeman and Chris Murphy, I am always learning new trades and skills from these experienced people.

I of course haven’t been working within the International Recruitment team that long, but I already have secured my first interview which is based in Iraq, yes Iraq! I would never have thought in a million years that my first interview for a candidate would be in Iraq and not Scotland where I am based. Securing my first interview with in a short period was an incredible feeling, and just a couple days ago, I secured my second interview for the Iraq role. I know the more candidates I get across for an interview the more chance I have to making my first deal and that’s driving me to do more.

I may have only been resourcing for a very short time, but I have changed as a person since starting, I now make sure I am one of the first people in the office in the morning and one of the last people out of the office at night. After the small success I have had so far in the International Recruitment department , I know it is only a matter of time before I am hitting the gong for my first deal and maybe a double hit by being Apprentice of the Week again – how good will that feel?

Resourcer Training – A New Challenge

(Deonne Budge – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

I and the other apprentices have been informed that we are going to be starting Resourcing training and I am really excited to take up this new challenge. We have just had our first part of the training today with Marielle Tweedie, who is Head of the Bright Futures Programme and a senior resourcer in the company. I have been in Bright Purple for 3 months now, and while I have been told some parts of what a resourcer actually does on a day to day basis, I hadn’t really had it broken down into all the various stages.

I am the sort of person who likes a challenge and that’s where Bright Purple is good for me, because you are always put to the test. We have been lucky to have this opportunity to get training from Marielle as she is really busy herself, balancing her day job and the Bright Futures programme at the same time. Listening to what you need to do and everything you have to learn, does show me how hard everyone has to work to achieve what they do to such high standards.

If someone was to ask me why you should use Bright Purple I would say; because we work to such a high standard all of the time. All the awards that we win are for a reason, we commit to our clients with dedication to getting the job done and our customer service is of a very high quality. All candidates should also get the best quality of service they feel they deserve and no matter what; I feel Bright Purple is the company to help them.

Some of the awards that I am proud to say Bright Purple have won more recently are; Bright Purple Takes Top Honour at Scotland Institute of Directors Awards, Capital business elite celebrated in the first Edinburgh Chambers of Commerce Awards and as a young apprentice in this dog eat dog world, I am pleased to be working with a Scottish brand recognised in the market as one doing good for its own people.

Please see below comments from the Apprentices on why they think Clients and Candidates should use Bright Purple.

Craig Lamb – We offer a unique and different service; we treat each and every one of our clients and candidates the same, and give them 100% of our best service at all times.

Sarah Dougal – Bright Purple are an award winning recruitment agency with an edge. They are specialized in IT and Finance with enthusiastic, young and hardworking people who are determined to help find people their dream jobs.

Thomas Wilson – Bright Purple strive to provide the best customer service they possibly can. A Bright Purple person never stops until they have done the perfect job and that is why if anyone can use Bright Purple to their full advantage they should.

The flying Scots man!

(Lewis O’Connor – Apprentice, Bright Futures Programme)

If there is to be a lesson learned throughout my time here at Bright Purple which I will carry with me throughout both my professional and personal life, it is that there is no substitute for hard work.

I can honestly say I have worked extremely hard in each and every project I have participated in during the last three months. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and has been heavily rewarded. My confidence has taken a huge boost, and this new found ethic has allowed me the chance to prove to myself in that, as long as you stay focused and give all you can to any given task, then you can achieve anything.

In the last couple of months I was given an opportunity to represent my country Scotland at football, in a tournament to play Northern Ireland on their home turf. For me it was something I had always dreamed of doing, but I didn’t think was possible. Never before would I have believed in myself so much to go on and achieve such an honour. I played several trial matches before being selected for the squad, and I can honestly say I have never put so much effort in to 90 minutes of football! When I put that blue kit on and realised that I was about to play for my country and fulfil my boyhood dream, I realised I can do anything I want if I work hard.

For the specific areas and attributes I lack on and off the field I make up for in my determination and sheer passion for what I believe in. Once I have committed myself to something then I am 110% focused on carrying out my job successfully.  I will stop at nothing until I am fully satisfied with my efforts and results.

I achieved the biggest reward in my football career to date and due to my efforts I had cemented a position not only in the Scotland squad, but was a part of the starting 11. Before the match kicked off I found myself in the dressing room running through all the different scenarios that could unfold during the course of 90 minutes. I then got myself together and said I deserve to be here, it is through all the hard work I have put in that I am sitting here today. I had a real confidence in my ability to not only go out there and do my job, but to go above and beyond, set an example for the rest of the team to follow and look up to.

Lead by example was exactly what I did. After a disappointing first half, both individually and collectively as a team. Someone had to come up with something special to lift the spirits of the team, and Re-inspire them.

With no more than ten minutes left to play and the score still at 1-0 to the Northern Irish side, I broke into the penalty area and smashed the ball towards goal. The keeper made a fantastic save and I thought my chance had gone, but I had been given yet another opportunity as the ball went up into the air as a direct result of the goalkeepers save. I out jumped the defender and watched as the ball dipped below the crossbar into the empty net – 1:1

In the last few months I have excelled as a person growing in confidence and self-belief; I have taken experiences from both football and Bright Purple and used them to help me be successful throughout my career. I am hugely thankful for the opportunities I have been given throughout my time at Bright Purple and because of those experiences; I believe I will now go on to be successful in both my personal life and my professional career as a Bright Purple Person.