Week 3 – Still Inspired

Late on in week 3 and my enthusiasm is as strong as ever, yet again it has been fast paced and eventful but as ever, very rewarding. We have been arranging a charity event which will take place in the upcoming months, this at times has been testing but as our ideas have progressed throughout the week I have seen a massive difference and I am keen to see how they develop further.  I am starting to learn a lot more about the Bright Purple environment and the people I am working alongside which is helping during my time here.  Things are definitely looking good and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.               Lewis O’Connor


Bright Futures Introduction

I am now into week two of my placement with Bright Purple, and already in such a short period of time I have made many new friends. I can honestly say that the days here at Bright Purple go very quick which is always a good sign that I am enjoying something. The main thing that has stood out for me has been the role plays. The reason for this is it gave us an insight of what a resourcer says to candidates over the phone. Another high point during the week has to have been the presentations where we had to do a pitch about a writers quill to Andy Murray (Consultant at Bright Purple). I enjoyed this as it was different to anything I had done before and was a challenge.   Craig Lamb

My name is Sarah and I’m an apprentice at Bright Purple.  I have now come to the end of my second week and I love my time at Bright Purple more and more each day.

Every day at Bright Purple has been superb and I look forward to going to work each day.  The people at Bright Purple are all amazing, enthusiastic and have time for anyone who needs it. Although I have enjoyed everyday, the 20th January has most definitely been my best day by far. It was the day I was the first apprentice picked to ring the gong! It has given me the confidence boost I needed and I now feel more determined than ever to get a permanent place at Bright Purple.  Sarah Dougal

I have been in the Bright Futures Programme for two weeks now and I love every minute of it. In the first week there was a lot to learn and loads of information to take in. It took a while to understand some parts but all the team have been helpful. They have given all the new apprentices their time and openly share their knowledge with us.

My highlights would have to be getting chosen out of the 12 people who attended the assessment day and getting the chance to work with Nick Price. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marielle for talking the time to run this futures programme and help us with everything.  Deonne Budge

Hi, my name is Lewis O’Connor and I am an apprentice here at Bright Purple.  Coming to the end of week two and looking back at what I have done during that time, it has been a very interesting week, I took part in many different activities from snapping a few clips of the city to building and presenting a presentation, I even had a short but successful acting career were I took part in role play. Week one however was different as I sat through a variety of different training and tried to soak as much information up as possible. I look forward to the coming weeks and challenges they may bring!!

Lewis O’Connor

My name is Becki and I’m currently doing an apprenticeship with Bright Purple (how exciting and what an amazing opportunity!!!). The apprenticeship is ongoing for a period of 6 months and during this time I’m going to keep everybody updated with our new online blog. My high point this week consisted of learning more about Evolve. I have spent time cleansing the system and I actually really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed taking part in the Resourcers meeting as I learnt some very interesting facts from the resourcers about recruitment. The role play was another of my favourite projects (I could give Pat Butcher a run for her money – Eastenders feel free to hook me up). I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead.  Becki Munro

My name is Thomas Wilson and I am going to write about my first 2 weeks at Bright Purple.  First thing on Monday morning I was really nervous because it was my first day of work in my entire life, but after doing a Mexican wave in front of the whole company with Nick Price it made me relax!

In the first week the thing I enjoyed the most was probably the Thinkubator project with Tom Wright (one of the resourcers). It was good to see what everyone was inspired by and it was good that we had an impact on the company.

I genuinely believe that this programme can change my life. Thomas Wilson